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Introducing the Zonda 1

De SAMSAN is een kant-en-klaar Storage Area Network ("SAN") gebaseerd op standaard hardware componenten en de nieuwste software uit de open-source community.
Onze aanbevolen hardware vindt u onder het menu "Products".
De Zonda 1 is gebaseerd op NexentaStor van Nexenta en draait op "elke" x86 hardware.


Storage without limits

Unlike legacy solutions, NexentaStor offers unlimited file size and snapshots. To improve performance, simply upgrade your hardware and NexentaStor automatically adjusts.

Enterprice class Open storage

NexentaStor provides enterprise class unified storage capabilities via a software solution that ends vendor lock-in while delivering superior storage management functionality with a particular focus on virtualized environments.

Any common hardware component can be used, weather it's a Fibre-Channel HBA, Infiniband, ATA-over-Ethernet, SAS, SATA, SCSI, SSD.

Almost any NAS protocol is supported, CIFS (windows shared), NFS (unix shared), rsync, webdav, ftp, ...


Data protection

NexentaStor catches the kind of data corruption that other solutions just miss, thanks to end-to-end check-summing and copy-on-write I/O operations.

Dankzij end-to-end check-summing en software RAID biedt NexentaStor de beste bescherming tegen data corruptie. Bovendien heeft u geen vendor lock-in met het onderliggende ZettaByte File System (ZFS).

Virtialization Certified

NexentaStor is perfect for virtualisation environments. NextentaStor is VMware, Citrix, Xen and Hyper-V certified

Supporting Thin Provisioning and improved performance through advanced I/O pooling.

Define policies for VM snapshots and retention.


bi-directional block- and file-based replication with compression and deduplication



Unlike other SAN Snapshot solution with ZFS you can create unlimited snapshots on the fly. With deduplication these snapshots take up limited space, ideal for hourly snapshots.


Automated failover with the optional module HA

Hybrid Storage

Door een combinatie van snelle native I/O SSD disks voor read & write cache en standaard disks voor volume storage worden extra hoge snelheden behaald zonder dure investeringen.

Easy management

NexentaStor has an intuitive browser based interface, integrated search, risk-free upgrades, thin provisioning and other features which make managing your storage easy.

Or for the die-hard sysadmins an intuitive command console and fully documented API that support Nagios, Tivoli and other monitoring products.

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  • SAN Network Support:
    • FibreChannel
    • Infiniband (IPoIB,SRP,iSER,NFSoIB)
    • Ethernet (iSCSI,AoE,FCoE)
  • SAN FileSystem Support:
    • GFS (Global File System)
    • DRBD (Replication)
    • VMFS (VMware File System)
    • ZFS (Solaris Zetabyte File System)
    • Block- & File-level SCSI Targets
  • NAS Support:
    • (s)FTP & FTPS
    • CIFS (Windows Shares)
    • NFS
    • HTTP, WebDAV
  • Database Support:
    • MySQL + MySQL Replication
  • Customizations:
    • Special storage designs on request.
    • Any special Linux Software can be installed on request.
      (For example replacing MySQL with PostgreSQL or Oracle Database.)


  • Linux CentOS 5.5 64-bit
  • Latest Linux kernel (currently 2.6.37)
  • OFED 1.6
  • SCST 2.0


Eenmalige setup € 1000,-
Kilo   SLA: Monitoring + Config Backup€ 15,- / maand
Mega SLA: Maintenance 8x5xNBD - Remote Support only€ 45,- / maand
Giga  SLA: Maintenance 8x5xNBD - Remote + On-site € 100,- / maand
Tera  SLA: Maintenance 24x7x4    - Remote + On-site € 250,- / maand